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Garagekeeper Insurance

Do you own or manage a towing service or auto shop in Maryland’s Eastern Shore or in Central Maryland? If so, garagekeeper insurance can protect you from potentially expensive lawsuits and unnecessary payouts to customers.

What is garagekeeper insurance?

Garagekeeper insurance is optional coverage for towing services, auto shops, or some other type of service station. It protects companies and customer’s vehicles while in the possession of the tow company or body shop. This includes any vehicles up for sale, service, repair, or while parking or installing equipment into the vehicle.

protect your business with garagekeeper insurance provided by bayside.

What Garagekeeper Insurance Covers

The last thing any auto shop owner wants is to damage a customer’s car while it is in their possession, especially when the vehicle is most likely in your possession to be repaired. Our auto shop insurance can protect your business in the event of damaged property while in your possession—no matter if your business possesses one car or an entire fleet of cars. Our garagekeeper insurance covers:

  • Automobile dealerships
  • Repair shops
  • Service stations
  • Tow companies
  • Tire service centers

Garagekeepers coverage can protect your business from:

  • Bodily injury to an individual
  • Property damage as a result of a business’s negligence
  • Property damage as a result of an unforeseen event (fire, weather related events, plumbing, etc.)
  • Property damage as a result of criminal acts
  • And more!
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