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Is Your Renters Insurance Right for You?

You can protect your business location even if you are renting with rental property insurance.

Living in an apartment can be a pretty sweet deal. No maintenance, no pricey homeowners insurance, just easy living in a property that belongs to someone else. But it also can be easy to forget the importance of having great renters insurance to protect you in your apartment or rented home—just in case.

If you’re renting an apartment or house, you still need insurance. Does your renters insurance offer the right coverage?

Renters insurance doesn’t just cover the stuff in your apartment—your clothes and electronics and other personal belongings. It also covers other important things, like loss of use. What happens if a tornado rips the roof off your apartment and you have to find someplace else to live? Renters insurance keeps you covered while you find a new place to live. No paying out of pocket for hotel rooms or other expenses—it’s right there in your renters insurance.

Renters insurance can also help protect you from lawsuits. If someone is injured in some way in your apartment or rental home, you can be held liable for the cost of that lawsuit. But if you have renters insurance, you’re covered.

Our carriers offer some of the best renters insurance available. You can get all these coverages bundled into one affordable, comprehensive plan. So kick back, let someone else mow the lawn and fix the leaky roof, and relax.  Contact us to day for a renter’s insurance quote.


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