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Saving and Simplifying

Don’t you love that little rush you get when you save money? The thrill of finding a great discount on a new shirt or haggling the price of a new car down is indescribable. Whether it’s a big purchase or an impulse item in the checkout lane, saving money is always a welcome relief.

But just because there isn’t a giant “sale!” sign or prices aren’t negotiable doesn’t mean you still can’t save money. With your insurance, one of the best and easiest ways to save money on your premiums is bundling, or buying your insurance policies—your auto, home and life insurance, for instance—from the same place.

(For example: If you already have your auto insurance with ERIE, our multi-policy discount would kick in when you add a qualifying life insurance  or home policy.)

Not only do you get that warm, fuzzy feeling of money in your pocket, you also make your own life easier. Whether it’s an auto or home issue, you call the same person. Your Agent at Bayside Insurance gets to know you and your needs better, and you don’t have to remember three different phone numbers when you have a question or need to make a claim.

The bigger question is why wouldn’t you bundle your service? If you’d like more information on how you can simplify your life and fatten your wallet, give us a call!

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