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Small Business Insurance

If you are in the Central Maryland or Eastern Shore areas, our insurance agents can work with you to bundle the best possible insurance policy to cover and protect your small business’s property, employees, and customers.

There are several things to consider when looking into purchasing a small business insurance plan. What are the types of things you need coverage for? Who should be covered? Here is a list of things that you should consider when looking for a quality insurance plan:

bayside insurance will cover your small business on the eastern shore of maryland.

Small Business Insurance Coverage in Maryland

Depending on your industry, Bayside Insurance has flexible coverage options to keep your property, assets, employees, and customers protected from natural disasters, crime, lawsuits, injury, and more.

If you are in the Upper Eastern Shore area and you are looking for a quality small business insurance plan contact one of our agents today.

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ask bayside insurance about cyber liability insurance - ideal for companies who utilize electronic back-up methods and softwares.

Cyber Liability Coverage for Small Businesses

Cyber liability coverage is something that most companies large and small over look. Cyber liability coverage is insurance for liabilities that come from unauthorized use or access to electronic files or software within your business. Cyber liability coverage also provides insurance for claims of spreading a virus or malicious code, computer theft, and extortion. All businesses that handle business online are targets for cybercrime.

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protect your business vehicles just like you protect your personal car with business vehicle insurarnce from bayside.

Insurance Coverage for Business Vehicles

Just like you would your personal car, your business vehicle needs to be protected as well. Bayside Insurance offers vehicle protection for your business vehicles. Our agents can customize a small business insurance policy that covers all of your assets.

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Insurance for Businesses Out of Your Home

Believe it or not, homeowner’s insurance policies usually do not cover home business losses. If something were to happen to your home and you lost all of your business related property, your home owners insurance may not cover it. There are additional coverage options that you can add to your insurance bundle to protect your at-home small business.

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protect your company against lawsuits by starting your liability coverage policy through bayside insurance.

Liability Coverage

No one ever wants to anticipate a lawsuit against their company, but it can happen. If it does, you want to be prepared. There are three important types of business liability coverage you should look into having:

  • General liability coverage – This coverage protects you in the event you are being sued because of accident, injury or claims of negligence.
  • Product liability coverage – This coverage protects you in event your company makes a product that is defective or causes injury/damage.
  • Professional liability coverage- If your business provides a service this type of insurance protects against errors and negligence.
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property insurance by bayside protects your tangible investments such as your business buildings.

Property Coverage

One of the most important insurance products you need for your small business is property coverage. You must protect your tangible investments. What would you do if your place of business caught fire? Property damage coverage covers everything from your merchandise down to the tools you use to make it.